Live Life Your Way, with Fast Fuel Meals Home Delivery! Enjoy our balanced nutritious meals made with tender care from Our Chefs to your table.

MEALS FRESH & READY IN 3MIN. Delivered with Love.


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  • Fuel Yourself with Fast Fuel Meals! Enjoy affordable balanced tasty meals fresh & ready in 3 minutes.

    A Meal Care Package that supports you. If eligible, your Home Care Package could cover up to 70% cost of your Fast Fuel Meals. Eligibility is based on your care needs as determined through an assessment, but you must also be: an older person who needs coordinated services to help you stay at home.

    Delicious meals freshly cooked by our Chefs and prepared by our team. Delivered with Love to You.

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How It Works

  • Contact your HCP Provider

    Ask your HCP provider to make Fast Fuel Meals your meal delivery service of choice.

  • Set up your account

    Your HCP provider will contact us with your details to set up a Fast Fuel Meals account for you. You can also set up a Fast Fuel Meals account yourself.

  • Order your meals

    We provide you a unique code to get access to HCP discounts when you key in your order.

Get Started
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  • Indulge in Meals Made with Tender Care: From Our Chefs to Your Table

    Proudly Australian made, we produce quality meals for you. Our healthy food is restaurant quality at only $3.30 per meal.

  • Order your way, & we will deliver it to you with love

    We offer 30 carefully balanced & delicious meals from breakfast, lunch, dinner & healthy snacks for you to choose from. We can deliver directly to homes, short term accommodation & age care community centers.

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  • Crafted with Care, Delivered with Love: Nutritiously Balanced Meals Just for You

    Quality ingredients, carefully sourced. Taste and quality are paramount. Our wide range of tasty, healthy meals are made with the finest quality ingredients delivered daily to our kitchens.


My Fuel Menu

    "So easy to get affordable delicious healthy meals quickly, thanks to Fast Fuel Meals! I simply browse my Fast Fuel Meal menu weekly, make notes on what I want to order & then I order it online using my personal dashboard. One of my favourite activities I do every week!”


How long does a meal last?

At Fast Fuel we use skin film sealing technology which enables us to preserve your food and keep it fresher for longer without the use of preservatives, chemicals or other nasty additives.

Our meals are made fresh to order and every dish is marked with a use by date, to help you better pick what meal to eat first!

If you would like to keep your meals for longer you can freeze them – in fact, we even have a helpful “freezer friendly” filter on our collection pages! However, when it comes to food we believe fresh is best and encourage you to avoid freezing your meals where possible

How does Fast Fuel Work?

Our online ordering system is super simple – we’re all about saving time!

Browse our menu range and add items to your cart as you go. When you’re ready to check out go to Cart, select when and where you’d like your meals to go, pop in your payment details and you’re ready to go!

Where should I keep my meals?

Fast Fuel meals should be transferred to a refrigerator immediately after delivery / collection. Some meals are freezer friendly also.

How do I heat my meals?

You can heat your meals in the microwave – pop them in on high for approximately 2-3 minutes and relax with a cuppa while you wait. Before microwaving ensure you remove the cardboard sleeve and leave to stand for 1 minute after heating before removing the film, and enjoy!