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The Hidden Psychology Of Ordering Food Online

 Online delivery in Australia started in 1978. However, online ordering has become popular today. According to the research, it has experienced a growth rate of 300% higher than dine-in restaurant sales since 2014 and currently makes up around 40% of all restaurant revenue. Furthermore, Australia's Online Food Delivery market is projected to grow by 9.15% from 2024 to 2028, with a market value of AUD 23.21bn expected in 2028.

Even though the pandemic has ended, the trend towards virtual ordering continues to increase. Mobile and online ordering have surged in popularity in all sectors. Implementing online ordering options enables you to enhance customer service, generate extra income, and increase visibility on the internet.

Psychological Reasons Behind The Hike Of Online Food

Have you ever pondered the reason behind this increase in popularity? Why do people continue to be interested even after the pandemic is over? It is because of the flexibility. However, that is not everything. Ordering food online for delivery goes beyond convenience, triggering different strategies that impact our brains. Let’s explore the psychological reasons behind the increase in online ordering.

Visual Impact

Do you find yourself more likely to order it if the picture attached appears appetising? You’re not alone. Research shows that including images with familiar food names has a positive impact on consumer attitudes. With appealing images, people are more willing to pay and have intentions to purchase.

A study by Johns Hopkins University found that visual stimuli, such as mouth-watering images of food, activate the brain's reward centres. They trigger cravings and influence food choices. This is why food delivery platforms and restaurants invest heavily in high-quality food photography to entice customers.

Diverse options

The range of options causes an increase in online food ordering. According to a Harvard Business Review study, offering various menu choices results in higher customer satisfaction and more repeated orders. 

It provides a range of food options and allows the personalisation of meals to appeal to a diverse range of palates, resulting in increased involvement and dedication. Restaurants offering comprehensive options tend to receive more orders, demonstrating a clear link between menu variety and customer choices.

Social Proof

Social proof has a vital role in influencing consumer behaviour, especially in the context of online food ordering. When individuals see others making positive choices, such as ordering from a specific restaurant or trying a new dish, they are more likely to follow suit. Think of a popular restaurant you’ve heard words about; you’d try it in a deadbeat.

Studies have demonstrated that social proof can create a sense of trust and credibility, driving increased adoption of certain behaviours. Using user reviews, ratings, and testimonials on food delivery apps and websites can enhance social proof and encourage more orders.

Convenience Factor

One of the primary drivers behind the surge in online food ordering is its unparalleled convenience. With a smartphone tap or computer click, we can see menus, place orders, and track orders from their homes or workplaces.

Research indicates that convenience is a significant reason people prefer online food delivery over traditional dining or cooking at home. Integrating technology with food services has changed how people access and enjoy meals, saving time and effort.

Customisation Options

Modern consumers value personalised experiences, even when it comes to food choices. Online food ordering platforms excel in offering customisation options, allowing people to modify their orders according to dietary preferences, portion sizes, and flavour profiles.

Studies from the University of California, Berkeley, say customisable menus contribute to higher customer satisfaction and repeated orders. Food delivery services tap into a growing demand by allowing users to create meals that align with their tastes and dietary requirements.

Anticipation and Thrill

The anticipation and excitement connected with food delivery also contribute to its popularity among consumers. Waiting for a delicious meal adds excitement and enjoyment to the dining experience.

Research suggests that anticipating a pleasurable event, such as a tasty meal, can positively impact mood and satisfaction. Food delivery companies capitalise on this anticipation by offering real-time tracking updates and estimated delivery times. It enhances the overall customer experience.

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is a psychological factor driving online food ordering trends. In today's social media-driven culture, individuals often feel compelled to participate in experiences to avoid feeling left out.

Food delivery platforms use FOMO through limited-time offers, exclusive menu items, and promotions. It creates a sense of urgency to get exclusive. Studies by Cornell University highlight how FOMO can influence consumer decision-making. It prompts immediate actions such as ordering popular dishes or trying new cuisines before they're no longer available.

Ease and Familiarity

Lastly, the ease of use and familiarity of online food ordering platforms contribute to their widespread adaptability. User-friendly interfaces, engaging surfing, and secure payment options improve the customer experience. It reduces barriers to entry for first-time users.

The research underscores the importance of digital experiences for customer satisfaction and loyalty in the food delivery industry. Online food platforms create lasting impressions by prioritising convenience, reliability, and familiarity. It encourages repeated orders from satisfied customers.


The progress of food orders online has shifted from a unique idea to a common practice. It shows a changing consumer behaviour influenced by convenience, various options, and customised experiences. The pandemic sped up the trend, but its ongoing expansion is based on the core benefits.

With the modernisation of technology and changing consumer demands, online food ordering will expand. Restaurants in Australia are facing tough competition as they aim to provide the best meal delivery service. This confirms its importance as a fundamental aspect of modern dining practices.

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