Muscle Meals

Muscle Meals: Top 3 Meals for Muscle Growth

Muscle building is centered around what you eat and how you exercise. A good bodybuilding plan always includes proper muscle meals, weightlifting, and nutrition.

Whether you are building muscles for recreational or competitive purposes, you can take bodybuilding as a lifestyle. Because bodybuilding does not end at the gym. But, it also involves how you spend your time outside the gym.

In order to get the maximum results from the gym, you need to focus on your diet. In short, Muscle Meals are those meals that are consumed along with an exercise routine for maximum results. Meanwhile, eating the wrong food can be really bad for your bodybuilding goals. Before moving towards the meals and types of food that you should be having let us have a look at some of the basic things;

How many calories should Muscle meals have?

The right amount of calories you should have depends on many factors. You are expected to have different ranges to weight in different age groups. Also, your current weight is a major player that determines the number of calories that you should have every day. Talking about an average adult male with 6′ height, you can expect to have around 2,000 Calories in a day.

Also, each meal should contain 20-25 grams of protein in order to optimally support muscle building. As long as you maintain your daily calories, you can cut your portion into as many halves as you like. However, it is good to track which ways you feel better.

Top 3 Meals for Muscle Growth

Muscle Meals Gain Naked Tender Chicken, Greens and Rice

Naked Tender Chicken, Greens + Rice

Our signature chicken is poached to perfection, producing succulent and tasty breast fillets that cannot be beaten. Served with broccoli, roasted sweet potato, brown rice, and slivered almonds, this meal hits all of your dietary requirements and is magic for your insides. Check it out here.

Moroccan Chicken Buddha Bowl-00943

Moroccan Chicken Buddha Bowl

Succulent poached chicken is the star of this dish – but its toasted coconut rice isn’t far behind! Paired with perfectly roasted veggies and steamed broccoli, this box will tickle your tastebuds and keep you fuelled for longer. Check it out here.

Muscle Meals Lean + Tone Poached Salmon, Greens & Rice

Poached Salmon, Greens & Rice

Our salmon is served with steamed, fragrant brown rice, steamed broccoli & green beans and peas, to give you a meal that’s balanced in carbs, protein and healthy fats (as well as super tasty!). Check it out here.

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