Food and Wine Festival

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2024 Program

The biggest Food Festival in Melbourne will be in full swing from March 15 to 24, showcasing Melbourne's distinct dining and drinking culture. Over the course of the 10-day festival, there will be more than 430 events to choose from. The city's most renowned chefs and culinary experts will bring many cuisine and beverage options. The focus is on celebrating the diversity and richness of Melbourne's food scene, ensuring there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Get ready to fulfil your appetite because we've gathered a selection of the best and most exciting events of the 2024 Food and Wine Festival in Melbourne. Let's explore the highlights and enjoy a variety of delicious treats!

Highlights of the MFWF 2024 Program

To make planning your Melbourne Food and Wine Festival adventure easier, we suggest starting with these must-see events:

1.  The Global Dining Series at The Food and Wine Festival

You can discover an array of tantalising culinary experiences coming to Melbourne from the 15th to the 24th of March as part of the Global Dining Series. This series combines renowned international chefs and Melbourne's finest culinary talents to create unforgettable dining events across the city. Here's what you can expect:





Where The Wild Things Are

18th–19th March

Amaru Melbourne

Porteno x Smith & Daughters

19th March

Smith & Daughters

Noble Rot x Marion

20th March


2.     Eat Drink Westside

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and drive to Melbourne's charming West suburbs from the 15th to the 24th of March for the Eat Drink Westside events. These gatherings result from a special collaboration between the councils of Melbourne's western region and the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival.





Italo-Victorians Do It Better!

17th–24th March

Pizza d’Asporto

Oh Honey, Honey: A Hive to Plate Dinner

20th March

The Vic Hotel

Best of the West: Farm to Plate

22nd March

3030 Boulevard

Scrumptious St Albans: Twilight Market

22nd March

St Albans Market

3.     Fed Square Events

In Melbourne's CBD East End, close to Dorsett Melbourne, lies Federation Square, known as Fed Square. Fed Square became a hub for food enthusiasts during the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, offering diverse flavours and accessible experiences. It's ideal for spontaneous festival-goers and those seeking a leisurely pace.

Make sure to visit Dan’s Diner at Fed Square during the festival. This revived retro diner showcases dishes crafted by top chefs named Dan, including acclaimed chefs like Dan Hunter and mixologist Daniel Docherty. Presented by Dan Murphy’s, Dan’s Diner offers a delightful lunch, dinner, and drinks daily from 12 pm to 9 pm throughout the festival.

4.     Exploring Flavours: Wine Tastings and Delightful Sips

Every food and wine festival deserves outstanding tasting opportunities, and the Food and Wine Festival in Melbourne delivers just that. They carefully arrange various events focused on beverages, highlighting the finest local and international wines, craft beers, spirits, and cocktails.

Hand-picked by the festival's own Jin Bar mixologists, here's a selection of events that perfectly complement your overall festival experience:




Sake and Snacks Soirée: Exploring Japanese Flavours

15th–23rd March


The Drinks That Made Melbourne

19th–20th March

Little Lion Distilling Co.

Ori-Gin Story: The Garden in Your Glass

20th–21st March

Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

Perfect Pairing: A Wine Tasting Dancegustation

20th March

Noisy Ritual

5.     Fresh from the Farm: Culinary Delights

The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival (MFWF) proudly champions the farm-to-table movement, emphasising sustainable practices and bolstering local farmers, growers, and producers through its collaboration with Vic Grown. Vic Grown, in turn, celebrates the top-quality products and producers in the state, showcasing them in events and dishes throughout the festival. Victoria's diverse climate and dedicated producers have led to a global reputation for producing top-quality food and beverages.

Final Thoughts

Your taste buds are in for a treat at Australia's best food and drink festival! With events selling out fast, your first step is to check out the program and secure your tickets. From March 15 to 24, 2024, the food festival in Melbourne will be in full swing, with a complete range of experiences to explore over ten exciting days.

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