How to Make a Healthy Meal Plan? Stay Healthy with Fast Fuel Meals

After the fast-food revolution, the world is currently abuzz about healthy food that can be eaten on the go with minimal preparation efforts. The corndogs of yesterday have been replaced by the to-go salad orders as issues of obesity stemming from unhealthy eating habits began to replace the productive population with redundant pieced of societal machinery. This is where healthy meal planning comes in. In today’s fast-paced and job oriented world, nothing short of meticulous planning can keep us eating balanced, healthy meals to stay fit and agile.

What is effective meal planning?

It is a troublesome thought for any kitchen handling person to decide what could be the healthy meal that they could make for the next meal. The answer to this problem is meal planning. Meal planning is simply deciding what you are going to have for the next week in advance. Plan what you want to eat before you go out at the weekend to shop for groceries for the coming week. Buy the items accordingly (keeping in mind the health aspect, of course!) and sit down and plan breakfasts, lunches and dinners, along with a few snacks thrown in here and there. This will reduce your stress and also bring a semblance of order to the way you eat. You will also cut down on the quantity of the food ingested and amp upon its quality when you take up meal planning and stick to it.

What are the benefits of meal planning?

  • Controlling your food intake: Meal planning will make sure that you adhere to certain limits of ingredients that you ingest. For example, you will not be tempted to finish the entire block of butter because you have only bought enough for the week. This will seriously curtail your calorie intake and will work wonders on your body weight and fitness.
  • Avoid unnecessary expenditure of money: If you have a plan while you go to the supermarket for your essentials, make sure you have a good meal and a well thought out plan before you get there. Going to the supermarket hungry is one of the major reasons for unnecessary buying of junk food. Having a plan means that you only buy what you need and nothing else. This saves you money and health. A win-win situation.
  • Reduces wastage of food: If you only have what you need, it will also reduce the volume of waste that you produce. Minimal wastage saves money (again) and also the environment. You will not have to stuff leftovers into the refrigerator, only to chuck them out a few days later or get greasy and fat eating them. A perfect portion of the meal will go a long way in improving your health.
  • Stress reduction and time conservation: Meal planning goes two ways in making sure that you save time. Planned out meals take lesser time to prepare and it will also save the time that you spend fretting over the ingredients in the refrigerator that you bought randomly on a whim at the market. An unplanned meal will not only waste your time, but it will also waste your money and impact your health.
  • Maintenance and reduction of weight: Planning your meals means cutting down the extra calories that you inadvertently end up consuming. You would mostly be having the same meals for breakfast and eating the leftovers from lunch for dinner. This decreases your food intake drastically. It keeps you healthy and reduces your expense of time and money at the same time.

Meal Planning for a week

The very first thing to keep in mind while planning your meal for the week is the recipes that you intend to try for each meal. Chart out your breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Catalogue the ingredients that you will potentially require before setting out for the market for shopping.

Keep your weekday meals healthy and simple. This will ward off any intention to order the salt and oil overdose of take-outs when you come home tired and feel like skipping out on the meal prep. Reserve the complex meals for the weekends or do the required prep the day before if you intend to do some heavy cooking.

Keeping your meals light does not mean that you have to completely give up on your favourite foods. Ordering in once in a while is not a crime. Just do not make a habit out of it. Use your favourite ingredients but keep the dishes you make simple. Cut down the steps from complex recipes or better yet, go all out and create your own recipes. Make it fun to both cook and eat.

Now that we have all the basics down, let us go ahead and plan our meal for the coming week.

Step 1: Learn about yourself

Study yourself and what you eat. They say that what you eat is what makes you. What does your BMI tell about you? Do you lean towards the unhealthy side of the food spectrum? Carefully choose your meal plans based on these indicators. The meal collection options at Fast Fuel Foods will help you in this endeavour.

Step 2: Prepare a list of meals

Now that you have identified your desired/required meal plan, prepare a list of the meals that you can have in the coming week, down to healthy snacks if possible. The reason why the word healthy is being repeatedly referred to here is that it is assumed that good health is the aim of anyone visiting this page. In reality, there is no such thing as good or bad health. There is just health and disease. And the latter is something we don’t want to acquaint ourselves with.

Step 3: Segregate the ingredients and stock them

Not finding a particular ingredient handy when you need will throw off all the effort that you put into making your meal. Make sure that you are well-stocked on your groceries and nothing runs out in the middle of the process of cooking.

Or you can just make use of the Fast Fuel Meals service that will deliver the highest quality meals that are freezer-safe or maybe not if that is the way you prefer it now at just 50$.

Fast Fuel Meals specialise in providing the most nutritious meals to your doorstep, enabling you to skip almost all of the above-mentioned steps in the process of balanced nutrition. Operating around Sydney, they will deliver specially catered meals to your doorstep or you can just pick up your favourite meal at your nearby stockist. The meals keep for around 9 days frozen but turkeys are better eaten within 3 days.

You live fast so you need nutrition that keeps up with you. Fast Fuel Meals is exactly what you need in your life to have you up and running when you need it the most and in the most delicious way possible. Pop a meal in the microwave and chill while your meal makes itself. Skip the steps, not the nutrition.

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