how to gain muscle the healthy way

How To Gain Muscle (The Healthy Way)

We’re in a world where obesity is becoming increasingly prevalent, and all everyone seems to want to talk about is losing weight. But what if you’re the opposite?

There’s plenty of people out there who feel ‘too skinny’ or want to become stronger by bulking up. There are plenty of supplements out there to help you along the way, and a quick search on Google can give you millions of muscle-building gym routines. The only question left is – What should I eat?

Increase Caloric Volume

Muscle needs fuel – for energy, for regeneration, and for growth. The more whole, healthy foods you eat during the day, the more muscle you’ll be able to build.

When you exercise on an empty stomach you don’t burn fat, you burn muscle, so make sure you’re always snacking on something (even small) before you workout. Even half a banana will do the trick! If you can manage something slightly bigger, such as some oats with greek yoghurt and blueberries, even better. Always follow with a balanced, filling meal that has a balance of 45-50% carbohydrates, 25-30% healthy fats and 25% protein, to help restore and build your muscles.

Rather than eating three enormous meals, try and eat smaller portions every 2-3 hours a day. This will not only be easier for your body to digest but will also help keep your energy levels constant as you go about your day.

How much do you need to eat?

If your weight is currently remaining fairly stable, aim to get about 500 more calories a day into your diet. This could be tough to manage at first, so start slowly to avoid feeling uncomfortable or overly full.

Balance That Increase!

Obviously increasing your intake of sugary snacks and deep-fried foods aren’t exactly going to cut the mustard. You need to increase your intake of food in a healthy and balanced way.

What should you be aiming for?

50% of your daily intake should be from carbohydrates, such as brown rice, quinoa, pulse pasta, and starchy vegetables like sweet potato and cauliflower. 30% should be healthy fats, such as those in avocado, salmon and nuts, and the remaining 20% should be protein.

It’s common for many people trying to gain weight to eat higher portions of protein, in order to build muscle. The problem with this is protein is very filling and harder to digest. Foods that are easier to digest, such as complex carbohydrates, are more effective and much easier to eat. Equally important is ensuring you are eating whole foods, which are higher in nutritional content and don’t contain refined sugars, preservatives, sodium and other chemicals.

Still Not Sure How To Gain Muscle?

Don’t worry – you’re not the only one!

Can’t stand the thought of planning, preparing and cooking healthy food? Not sure how to balance out your meals, portion meals, or even how to cook in the first place?

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