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How Many Meals a Day Do You Need to Build Muscles?

If you're seeking the fastest ways to build muscles, then mastering your nutrition is key. A major component in achieving sustainable muscle gain is understanding how many calories per day to gain muscle, as well as tailoring a meal plan to your needs. Your muscle development is a result of various inputs, and exercise is just one piece of the puzzle.

In bodybuilding culture, opinions vary on how many meals a day to gain muscle. Some myths suggest that eating more frequently can boost metabolism, enhance muscle mass, and reduce fat. While some advocate for 3 meals a day, others recommend as many as 6. But what's the truth?

How Much Calories Should I Eat To Gain Muscle?

Determining your calorie intake for muscle gain is crucial.  You have to provide an excess of calories to your bloodstream, which is the extra fuel that your body then uses to produce the new lean muscle mass tissue.

Most people need approximately 20 calories per pound (or 44 kcal/kg) to gain muscle mass. For example, a male of 180 pounds (82 kg) needs a daily intake of calories of 3600 (20 kcal x 180 lb = 3600 kcal).

Calorie counting is something that can help you reach your muscle gain goals. This means that you develop slender muscle and minimize fat accumulation in a way that the body can efficiently handle. The effect is around one pound of muscle every 6-7 days.

A Little Tip

For those struggling to meet their calorie intake for muscle gain, consider liquid calories. High-calorie shakes with added protein can ease digestive strain. Blend milk, protein powder, Greek yoghurt, fruits, flaxseeds, almond butter, and perhaps some oatmeal to increase your calorie intake.

How many meals a day to gain muscle?

Well! there is no exact number and the meal plan may impact different people with different rates of growth. Researchers and professionals have performed numerous studies to assess how the amount of meals influences metabolism, muscle gain, and weight loss. They checked all possible scenarios for safe, active people, and overweight people. Here are the findings from the research:

Multiple Meals in a Day

Some experts claim that if you eat 6 to 9 meals a day and stick to your daily calorie intake, your metabolism will be dramatically improved and your muscles will grow quicker. This hypothesis was disregarded when studies found that the rate of metabolism is still the same if you eat 9 times a day or 3 times a day.High Protein Pack

More Meals = Muscle Growth

Some experienced bodybuilders say they should eat protein meals more often during the day to ensure that the body gets enough. This protein will then be used to build and strengthen lean muscles.

Researchers once again disproved this. Although you need protein, you really don’t have to spread it and eat it over six or seven meals. The aim is to reach the daily intake without fail and this will help you develop muscle.

An average man needs about 4-6 meals a day plus the right amount of exercise for steady muscle growth. However, the count can vary depending upon various other things from the current state of your body to the type of diet you choose. There are several other benefits of having an organized meal plan;

  • You will have a steady supply of energy
  • Your body will get the proper nutrition for growth
  • You won’t be overeating and won’t be tempted by junk food

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