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Lean Tone Poached Salmon, Greens & Rice 305g


Want to know the secret behind our salmon? Fresh from the Atlantic, our salmon is poached in its own juices to produce a moist and soft piece of fish that’ll absolutely knock your socks off!!

Our salmon is served with steamed, fragrant brown rice, steamed broccoli & green beans and peas, to give you a meal that’s balanced in carbs, protein and healthy fats (as well as super tasty!).

Save yourself the hassle of heading to the supermarket, prepping, cooking and cleaning – pop one of these in your cart and enjoy more free time instead.

  • Ā Poached Salmon
  • Steamed Broccoli
  • Steamed green beans
  • Steamed Brown Rice
  • Garden Peas
  • lemon wedge

*Please be aware that exceptional care is taken when preparing our meals. However, meals are madeĀ on premises which handle nuts, seafood, shellfish, soybean, sesame seeds, wheat flour, eggs and dairy products, and may contain traces of these foods.


Lean Tone Poached Salmon, Greens & Rice 305g

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