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Mrs Claus helps me to be my best

When we chatted to Santa he was sitting on his big chair, dressed in his Santa suit checking off his ‘naughty and nice’ list.  By all reports most of the children were on the ‘nice’ list. We asked Santa what he did to be his best after the hype of Christmas, especially after all the cookies and milk consumed on Christmas Eve.

“Lucky for me I love cookies, especially those home baked oatmeal cookies. However, by the time I have made all my drop offs I do feel rather full. And yes, by the time January comes around, it’s time to get back to some good eating habits for the rest of the year.

Mrs Santa Claus is without a doubt my biggest inspiration when it comes to finding my best after a hectic end to the year. She understands that my job requires me to be away a lot checking off children’s wish lists and helping the elves with putting all the presents together. Mrs Claus is always there behind the scenes helping if we get behind schedule or one of the elves gets sicks. She is one special lady and so much of ensuring the children wake up to find their gifts under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning is thanks to her. She also understands that my job requires me to eat lots of cookies and drink lots of milk. And by the way, Mrs Claus is not averse to a cookie or two herself 😉

My job description requires me to carry a little around the girth, so being my best is not to lose too much weight but more about staying fit and active. I know that for everyone being their best is different.

So, immediately after Christmas, I dry clean the big red suit, and we have some quality time together, taking time out to do what is important to us. However, as soon as January ticks around we get back to revisiting good eating and lifestyle habits.

Mrs Claus and I love going for a regular morning walk and we keep ourselves active during the day. We know that breakfast is an important part of the day, so we always find the time to sit down and enjoy a healthy breakfast together. Really for the next 11 months it is all about moderation, and for me having a good partner in Mrs Clause beside me makes it a lot easier.

Thank you, Mrs Claus for helping me to be my best.”

#findyourbest #fastfuelmeals

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