Lean / Tone Fuel

Lean + Tone Poached Salmon, Greens & Rice

Lean + Tone Poached Salmon, Greens & Rice


Want to build and maintain lean muscle, lose fat and look strong, slim and fit? Then try our Lean / Tone Fuel!

Making sure you get enough protein, the right amount of carbs, plus all your daily fruit, veg and healthy fats can be a struggle. It takes time, effort and knowledge to be able to properly care for your body, build the lean physique you're after and maintain it overtime.

So why not hand the job over to someone else?

Our Lean / Tone Fuel range is designed, macro balanced and portioned by our Accredited Practising Dietitian Kirsty Seward and brought to life by our experienced chefs - who understand that healthy doesn't have to mean bland flavour!

Do you want clean, fresh (never frozen), healthy food that doesn't cost the earth? Do you want your ready made meals delivered to your door? Need pre made meals that are portioned and balanced to help you achieve your goals? Want a solution that is designed by a dietitian and created fresh daily by chefs?

Fast Fuel is your answer!

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